Paint Protection

Exquisite Protection

V-KOOL Paint Protection Film is more than an advanced, self-healing, solvent-resistant paint protection. It is an impeccable film that keeps your car looking pristine and beautiful.

A Resplendent Layer

Protect your prized vehicle against accidental abrasions and scratches. V-KOOL Paint Protection Film comes in high-gloss and ultra-matte to enhance the appearance of your car, and keep it looking its best with a limited 5-year warranty.

Wear Resistance

Taber Abrasion Test - No wear through

Chemical Resistance

Isopropyl Test - No detrimental effect 
Hexane / Tduene - No detrimental effect


QUV 2500h - No detrimental effect

Heat Effect

70C 2500h - No detrimental effect 

Weathering Rock Chip Resistance 

SAE J400 Gravelometer - Pass